At A Quality Measurement,
we measure homes, draft floor plans, and we provide home energy assessments to Bend and all of Central Oregon.

Others might provide floor plans,
but we measure homes like appraisers, only better.

Nobody is more serious about measurements.

Who Are We?

We started first as A Quality Appraisal, LLC and branched off into A Quality Measurement when we found there was a need for independent verification of real estate measurements not found in county records or photographer floor plans.  Lucas Warren was one of those appraisers who found that he had a knack for measuring homes and the attention to detail needed to make an attractive, yet accurate floor plan.  After over ten years of appraising homes, measuring homes, and providing home energy assessments for A Quality Appraisal, Lucas decided to relocate his family to Central Oregon because of his love for the Bend area and open A Quality Measurement in Bend.

While our parent company also provides appraisal services, measurement services, 3D imagery, and home energy assessments do not include performance of an appraisal or any appraisal services.  If you want any appraisal or valuation services, please request those services through

Home Energy Assessment - I wish I had done this before making improvements to my home!

A home energy assessment is an amazing low cost tool to identify problem areas in a home and address them.  If you’re thinking of buying a home and want an estimate of how much the utilities will cost, an assessment will do that.  If you want to know easy ways to reduce the cost of energy in a home from someone who is independent and not looking to sell home improvements, a home energy assessment will do that too.

For example, many homeowners know that windows are a good way to make your home more efficient, but often do not know that the cost of windows takes many years to pay back with energy savings.  The window salesperson doesn’t want you to know this.  A better investment might be repairing some insulation, sealing air ducts, or replacing an inefficient water heater.  Every home is different.  This is how we can help  Even newer homes often have easy ways to reduce energy use.  We can give you a prioritized list with a dollar savings estimate.

This program has oversight from the Oregon Department of Energy under the Home Energy Score program.  A Quality Appraisal is licensed, bonded, and insured CCB 217807.

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We are your Measurement and Floor Plan Supermarket!  No matter
what product you select, you will receive independent, unbiased, and
accountable square footage estimates, not automated “Zillow like” estimates.

(Click on Image to View Samples/Options)

Basic “Footprint” Measurement $130 
(Just Want Measurements)

Basic Measurement is just a simple drawing, like an appraiser’s sketch, that shows the square footage of each area of a home or building and the room dimensions.  This level of service is $130 in our Standard Service Area if under 3,000 square feet.

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Standard Floor Plan $160
(Basic Plus Interior Walls, Doors, and Windows)

Standard Floor Plan is like the Basic but also depicts the interior walls, doors, and windows.  This level of service is $160 in our Standard Service Area if under 3,000 square feet.

(Click on Image to View Samples/Options)

Deluxe Floor Plan $180
(Standard Plus Counters and Fixtures)

Deluxe Floor Plan is like the Standard Floor Plan but also depicts counters, fixtures, and windows. This level of service is $180 in our Standard Service Area if under 3,000 square feet

We Have a Wide Service Area and We Will Travel!

If you don’t see the area you’re looking for, Contact Us.  We would love to help.  Official home energy assessments now available throughout Oregon.

Bend/Central Oregon Service Area includes Bend, Sisters, Redmond, Terrebonne, Prineville, Sunriver, and Powell Butte.

Bend/Central Oregon Extended Service Area include Madras, Black Butte, Culver, Sunriver, La Pine, Crescent, and Warm Springs.

For measurements in the NW Oregon and SW Washington, visit or sister site

We Have an Easy Process!

Step 1

Pick your floor plan sketch, home energy assessment and schedule online.  If you prefer to call or send your request by text message or email, that works too.  No prepayment necessary.  As long as you received a confirmation email when scheduling, our measurer or home energy assessor will arrive at the property at the desired time ready to measure.  Special requests are no problem, just ask.

Step 2

At the property, our measurer or home energy assessor will start outside to measure the approximate shape of the building, decks, and outbuildings using a tablet computer and laser scanner.  On the inside, he/she will measure walls and features to draft a sketch.  For an energy assessment, the assessor takes notes throughout the house including mechanical systems, windows, and insulation in attic and crawlspace.

Step 3

Your measurement or home energy assessment is routinely delivered by email the next day.  You will also receive a secure online payable invoice in a separate email from QuickBooks online from A Quality Appraisal, LLC when the job is done.  We are happy to make edits to room names or almost anything.  Just ask, our goals are quality and complete satisfaction.