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Four Ways to Boost Your Bend Home Energy Score

Image showcasing Bend Home Energy Score of 4, symbolizing the impact of four effective ways to boost your energy efficiency.

The focus of this blog post is to help make sure you get the best Bend Home Energy Score possible.  No matter what assessor you select, the score should be the same, but that assumes all the assessors are operating with the same understating of your home.  If you’ve recently received a low Home Energy Score for your Bend home, make sure to check out our previous post for valuable insights. This blog post is focusing on getting ready for a the assessor to visit. Now, let’s explore the strategies to make sure your Home Energy Score is as high as possible.

  1. Hire an Experienced and Caring Home Energy Assessor: When seeking a higher Bend Home Energy Score, it’s essential to collaborate with an experienced and caring home energy assessor. While all assessors follow the same protocols, their level of expertise and dedication can vary significantly. At A Quality Measurement, our company has conducted over 4,000 energy scores, with our top Bend assessor, Lucas Warren, alone having completed over 1,200 scores. Such experience enables us to identify unique issues in homes and input accurate data into the home energy scoring tool, often resulting in a higher score. Assessors who have conducted a substantial number of scores have a keen eye for recognizing opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  2. Provide Additional Information about Your Home Construction: To enhance the accuracy of your Bend Home Energy Score, offer any pertinent information about your home construction that might not be readily apparent to the assessor. This includes details about air sealing, duct sealing, and blower door test results. You should also mention any insulation upgrades in areas not easily visible, such as cathedral ceilings or walls. Receipts from retrofits and documents if your home was built better than code at the time of construction can be valuable evidence of energy-saving improvements. Equipping the assessor with comprehensive information allows for open communication, a more precise evaluation, and potentially raises your score.
  3. Remove Window Air Conditioners Before the Assessment: While the Home Energy Score primarily focuses on long-lived components of the home and does not consider appliances like refrigerators or stoves, it surprisingly does account for window air conditioners. If you have a window air conditioner, the assessor will estimate its cooling area and operational requirements, lowering your overall score. To optimize your score, remove any window air conditioners before the assessor arrives.
  4. Consider Home Improvements: Upgrading to higher efficiency appliances, such as furnaces and water heaters, can significantly impact your Bend Home Energy Score. However, we recommend getting the Home Energy Score assessment before making these improvements. The Home Energy Score report provides a list of recommended energy-saving upgrades that offer a payback period of ten years or less. These recommendations may differ from your initial expectations, making the Home Energy Score a valuable tool, especially for prospective home buyers or someone looking to make improvements.

Schedule Your Bend Home Energy Score with A Quality Measurement to satisfy the City of Bend requirement for sale or to just unlock the full potential of your Bend home.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you understand your home’s energy performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Even if you choose not to order a score from us, we are here to address all your questions and provide guidance on enhancing your score.

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